If not for Risa, I would never have known that Fox was showing a four-episode finale tonight - no commercials, no mention on their website, nothing. It’s no wonder they get dismal ratings; no one knows it’s on. I don’t know where I’d be without TiVo.

This season had been a little lackluster, but those last four episodes totally made up for it. There’s been talk about another network picking it up, but I don’t know what they would do with it after wrapping everything up the way they did. Of course, they allude to a movie in the epilogue, but “on the next” has never actually had any bearing whatsoever on future episodes.

It was a great series while it lasted, but I fear it’s dead in the water now. I’d love to see someone else pick it up, but there’s no chance that it would be as good as the existing seasons. Sooner or later, Fox will have to find a better way to collect ratings, because obviously they’re doing something wrong - remember Firefly? Or the first run of Family Guy? Both axed. That 70’s Show and Malcolm in the Middle are both on their way out (though the network can’t really be blamed for those). A year ago, Fox produced most of the shows I watch, but in a couple more months, it’ll be reduced to obnoxious reality shows and 24.