As you may recall (you better, dammit!), I tried my hand at some cooking a few weeks ago. I’d like to report that, like Arther Dent with the Perfectly Normal Beast, I’ve learned the importance of bread in a sandwich. For years, I was a bleached-white kind of guy, sticking to my Wonder Bread when it was available. More recently, I’ve discovered potato bread, a more solid, moist, and tasteful bread.

Yesterday when I went shopping, I entered the bread aisle with reckoning. I knew that there was a sandwich to be made, a sandwich of no small magnitude. I knew that the bread to support said sandwich would need to be firm and thick, and possess a light, sweet, nutty taste that wouldn’t overpower the chicken salad it was intended to support.

I pretty much grabbed the first thing I saw (with reckoning!) and it turned out to be the most perfect bread I’ve ever tasted. I left it at work, so I can’t tell you what it was, but I remember that the brand was Roman something (complete with a manly looking soldier), and it was some kind of honey nut berry or something. I made the chicken salad without eggs this time (mostly because I forgot) and added some chopped celery. It was absolutely perfect, but I should have piled more of it on; there wasn’t quite enough of it to fully eke out the bread taste.

Either way, I don’t think I’ll be buying potato again any time soon, and I’m certainly not going back to white. There’s a new bread in town, and it’s so manly that it’s got a damn soldier on it.