Yesterday I bought this cheap little Eureka vacuum. I knew I’d need one sooner or later, and now that I’m mostly settled, it was time to clean up all the leaves that had been tracked in while moving and the drywall dust left over the wall-bashing incident. I wanted something cheap and little, and this thing looked like it would do the trick.

I had a feeling it wouldn’t handle carpeting very well, because something that small and that cheap can’t be too effective, right? The damn thing ate my carpet. I had barely started when I noticed a big ball of lint swirling around in the dust cup thingy. I wanted to take a picture of all of it in there when I finished, but it clogged up halfway through and I had to empty it. My 640 square foot apartment produced, by my estimation, a cubic foot of carpet shit. It was quite impressive, really. And now I have an excuse to skip vacuuming, because I don’t want to have to replace a carpet when I move out.