The guys I work with have been getting lunch at the deli across the street almost every day for the past couple years. They assured me that the two girls who work there would know my order within a couple weeks. Today is my third day on the job, and when I walked in today, she asked me, “Number 18 on a sub?”

“Yes ma’am,” says I.

Things are getting better. The night I moved in, three maintenance guys were knocking holes in my walls looking for the source of a leak in the kitchen, so everything I own down here is in my bedroom. The plumbers did their thing yesterday, and the drywall guys were supposed to be coming today, so I’m hoping it’s all fixed when I get home (cable guy doesn’t come till Saturday, so I’m stealing Internet at work).

Now that I’m in the city, traffic isn’t an issue, since my apartment is five minutes from work. There’s a plaza a couple miles away with Target, Barnes & Noble, and Best Buy, and a Giant grocery store is right around the corner. The guys I work with are totally awesome. My neighborhood seems to be safer than I anticipated. Aside from the holes in my walls, things are going well, and I suspect they’ll only get better once my apartment is fixed and I get some furniture.