($1 to the first person to name the reference)(Rhubarb doesn’t count)

I spent my entire evening driving. I didn’t even have time to read The Post. That’s right, I get The Post now, because I care about current events, and lingerie ads.

After work, I headed out to Sterling, which took waaay too long. My uncle’s friend gave me a bunch of furniture, and I had to pick it up out that way. Lucky for me, my uncle has a pickup truck and he offered it for the move. Even luckier, he and his friend loaded the couch, dresser, desk chair, and coffee table into it for me. I drove out there, drove back to Arlington with it - grabbing Matt on the way - and unloaded it at the apartment. Unfortunately, the coffee table was in the back seat of the truck. I have no idea how he got it in there, but we couldn’t get it back out.

We had dinner at this little diner in the plaza by me, then I dropped him off, dropped off the truck, and drove my car home - more than five hours of my day just to get some furniture, but it’s better than buying new stuff. I need to get a cover for the couch, because the cushions are in rough shape, but it fits well in the living room. I’m almost ready to entertain guests.

I found tonight that it’s hard to tell the difference between a light bar and a taxi sign (not to mention pizza guys), so I invented a game I call Cop or Cab. So far I’m winning (you lose when you get a ticket).

I also decided tonight that the Saturn definitely has to go in the spring, and I’m thinking of just buying a motorcycle instead of replacing the car. It would be so much easier to get around in the traffic on a bike, but I’m not sure I can justify the purchase. Either way, the Saturn won’t fetch me much, so it’s Drive It Like You Stole It Week here at BrockLi.com (or, taking a cue from NaNoWriMo, DriLiStoWe). I encourage you all to participate.

Just remember, the rules for Cop or Cab are always in effect.