I’m comin to you live from my couch! I got me some wireless yesterday. Lucky for me, Best Buy has the Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Router - the one I’ve been looking at - for $40 after rebates.

I took some pictures before I started unpacking and building furniture. Even after spending four hours working on stuff, I don’t feel like I got very far - my couch is still buried in crap and there are boxes all over. I don’t remember having this much stuff…

At any rate, it’s nice having a real DVD player. I had my iBook connected to the TV for a while, but it looked like crap. Real wide screen kicks ass.

The apartment keeps getting better and better, and it feels more like home every day. On the other hand, I moved in with every intention of leaving at the end of my six-month lease to get a place with Matt (and now Drew and maybe others). I almost don’t even want all this furniture, since I’ll just have to move it again soon. But I’ll deal with that in six months.