Before I even moved down to VA, I had plans for this past Saturday night. Risa got everyone together for a Capitals game and took care of tickets and all that, because she’s totally awesome that way. A bunch of people went to the Smithsonian in the afternoon; I wanted to go, but I was waiting on a delivery and the cable guy, so I didn’t make it. I caught up with everyone in time for dinner and drinks at Fadó, an Irish pub just a couple blocks from the MCI Center.

I parked at Pentagon City and took the Metro into DC, and as I’m standing there in the train, I notice a guy with a big Army-style duffel bag. He was looking down, writing letters, but I thought, “That guy looks like Eric without any hair.” Then it occurred to me that Eric was doing Marine office’s training, and probably didn’t have any hair. And THEN it occurred to me that he was supposed to be in DC sometime soon, but I wasn’t convinced it was him till he finished writing, stood up, and said, “How’s it going, Brock?” as if he expected to find me there all along.

We ran into Michelle and wxs before we made it out of the metro station, which was lucky, since we were going the wrong way. Fadó was probably the best pub I’ve ever been in, and the food was great. The game was pretty good, though there was almost more action in the stands than on the ice - after a couple periods of drinking, them hockey fans get downright rowdy.

As we were walking from the pub to the game, I realized how much I like living in a city. Buffalo and Rochester are both pretty dead, and I didn’t spend much time downtown when I was in Pittsburgh. But I love having a lot of people around, I love being able to hop on the metro and go all over the city, and I love that we could have a few drinks and then wander merrily down the street, laughing and talking. There’s so much to do here.

That, and I’ve seen guys riding every day I’ve been down here. With such little snow, you can ride almost year-round, if you’re got the right gear. I’ve been keeping an eye on Craigslist, and it looks like I could get myself a decent cruiser in the $3-4000 range. Of course, if I had $4000, I should spend it on a newer car, but bikes get better mileage so I think I could justify it.