My apartment is full of crap. I’d show you pictures, but the cable for my camera is buried in there somewhere, so you’ll just have to trust me. I got back to Arlington today with a U-Haul truck full of furniture and the rest of my stuff. As it turns out, the best way to furnish a new apartment is to rent a truck much bigger than what you need, and then casually mention this to family and friends. Everyone has some furniture that’s yours for the taking if you just get it out of their basement. Now I’ve got a kitchen table, a second dresser, and a bed. It was once a water bed, so it’s even got some shelves in the headboard and drawers underneath.

I’d say that more Christmas weekend details will be forthcoming, but that’s a bold-faced lie and we both know it, so here’s a quick summary:

Fridays are best when they end at noon with BBQ pork and Samuel Adams (I love my job). Baltimore airport may be cheaper, but getting there is a pain in the ass. Seeing the extended family was a lot of fun, as it always is. Christmas was great, and I got a kickin DVD player, so I won’t be leaving my living room except to sleep in my new bed. Driving a huge U-Haul took some getting used to, and I spent way too much time in Pennsylvania today. Matt P is a hero, and solved the many issues related to the U-Haul, including unloading it, returning it, and getting my car back - thanks again, Matt.

Driving all day takes a lot out of you. If I can find my toothbrush, I’m going right to bed.