It’s been a ridiculously fantastic and fantastically ridiculous evening. Shortly after writing my real NaDruWriNi post, My dear friend Sarah (whose website I can’t seem to find right now) IMed me and asked if I wanted free plane tickets. Well heck yes! said I. Apparently Wendy’s has a deal going on with an airline, where one can get round-trip tickets for free if one simply collects 64 specially marked Wendy’s cups. So we set off to find 192 specially marked cups (Ryan was with us too, you see).

Turns out, people throw out a lot of cups. We spent about two hours digging through dumpsters to collect them, and came up with well over 200 cups. I’m hoping it all works out, because I’d really like to visit some places.

I got back to my place around 5, absolutely reeking of trash (somin’ fierce!). After rinsing the filth off my hands, I set off to check out some other local dumpsters and see what might be good for diving.

And so, here I am, after 23 hours of consciousness and mostly up-rightness, after hours and hours of homework and group project meetings, about a dozen drinks, and digging through at least five dumpsters….and I’m freakin exhausted.

I hope everyone else’s NaDruWriNi was half as exciting as mine. I’ll read up on it tomorrow. Good night.