I’m in DC and the President (I call him Gee-Dub) is doing well.

I start the new job tomorrow morning, and I can get into my apartment after work. My car is loaded down with about half of my worldy possessions. I’ve still got a bunch of stuff in my parents house, and they’re giving me a bunch of old furniture they’ve had in the attic. I may fly home for Christmas and drive a U-Haul back down, or my parents will rent a truck and come visit for a weekend.

The drive down was an incredible pain. I met Wes at RIT and we drove down as far as Virginia together. The last 30 miles took about an hour and a half, because of traffic. I finally made it to the leasing office at the apartment complex about two minutes after they closed, but they were still there. Unfortunately, the guy didn’t have a chance to change the locks, so they didn’t have a key for me. After dealing with traffic and coming up empty at the apartment, I was pretty pissed by the time I got to Matt’s. A quick shower helped a lot, and now I’m just relaxing. I’m a little worried about getting the keys, though, since I work till 5 and they close at 5:30.

I’ll feel much better about this move once I’m settled in my apartment, and maybe get some furniture. And if I never have to leave home, because I don’t want to try to get out of or back into the DC area ever again.