Last night, BP threw me a surprise graduation party.

Sharon had asked me earlier in the week if I was doing anything Saturday night. I had been planning to have a quiet evening, so she invited me over to watch Miracle. While I was there, Lucas called and told me a few people were at my place, and that I should come back and hang out. I told him I was planning to swing by Jym’s (since I was by his place), but Lucas assured me that Jym was with him at my place.

It didn’t seem odd to me that Jym pulled into my parking lot five minutes later as I was walking from my car to our building. I just figured he had gone to get beer or something. BP was outside smoking and walked up with me, and when he threw open our apartment door, I wondered why the lights were all off when I knew he had people over.

Turns out there were like 40 people in there, and they scared the crap out of me. BP had managed to buy a bunch of booze and food and get all of it, along with a bunch of people, into the apartment, which he had also cleaned, in the two hours I was gone. I couldn’t be prouder of my protege. I’ve spent the past three months teaching him how the intricacies of throwing a successful party, and he pulled it off almost perfectly in just a couple hours (I say “almost” due to a paper towel shortage). He also got me a sweet bottle of Jack as a graduation gift (thanks buddy!).

I was pretty sore this morning, because we decided at some point that Fight Club was a good idea and knocked each other around for a bit. It was one hell of a fun night though, and I really couldn’t have been more surprised or honored. BP certainly earned every one of the hugs I gave him throughout the evening.

There are a ton of pictures and videos floating around - I’ll post them when I get them.