I spent the evening at another classical concert than was almost exciting as the first, but this time, it was chamber music. The first piece was by Beethoven, which was alright. The last was a Dvorak, which was OK.

But the second piece, Berg’s Lyrische Suite, made me want to cry a little bit. It was six movements of dissonant, pretentious, classical fan-boy snobbery. Really, I think the only people that like this guy are looking for classical indie cred. It was a creepy, dark piece, and while some parts sounded kind of cool, there was no musical theme or any kind of consistent idea or anything; normally, that would be fine, but not so much when you’re supposed to write a paper about the music. I thought it would be more fun if I imagined the musicians as clowns, but that just made it scary.

The show was at the Eastman School of Music, and since Darrin was on-campus at the time, we drove out there together. I wound up sitting next to a girl who’s a freshman here at RIT. She asked for a ride home, which seemed a little odd, but I’m the adventurous type! So we had merry adventures finding our way home, because I’ve never taken the same way home from downtown twice (mostly because I don’t actually know the way home and wing it every time).

In conclusion: I need to spend more time downtown, and I think I might like a sandwhich.