About this time every quarter, I think, “This quarter has flown by!” and I think, “I say that every quarter!” and I wonder, “Why does it keep surprising me like that?” So I’ve spent the past week or so going, “This quarter has flown by!” in spite of myself. And then I think, “Just a couple more weeks and I’ll be done with this crap.” Since my schedule is particularly unpleasant this time around, I’ve been repeating that one more than usual.

Thing is, this time it’s true. A week from now, I’ll be done with class, and a week after that, I’m done with finals. And this time, I really WILL be done with this crap! I don’t have to take another class ever again if I decide not to do grad school!

In other news, I’m on top of the myriad of quarter-end assignments that need doing, so I spent a little more time on my portfolio. I’ve been adding bits and pieces for a couple months, when I’ve got a couple hours to spend on it, and I finally felt like there was enough there to add a link to the side bar. To my opinionated friends and enemies: rip it apart. What doesn’t look right? What’s spelled wrong? What’s that funny smell? And most importantly, what do you think of the look? I want to be able to put this page on my resume when employers request previous work, so I’m hoping for some input on design and such. I know you’re all capable of being honest and mean, so please do.