Why did a second guy ever start smoking?

“Here, put this in your mouth. Set it on fire and suck on it.”

It’s obviously a stupid thing to do. When there’s a structure fire, people are hospitalized for smoke inhalation. If there’s ever a fire, I should be able to save everyone in the building before my nic fits subside.

Every time I smoke, I realize how ridiculous it is. Inhale smoke - by it’s very nature, it’s a bad idea. And yet, we keep doing it. Thanks to the tobacco companies, we have nicotine, and we become addicted. I’m not saying that we’re not to blame, but they’re not helping any.

Every month or so, I say I’m going to quit. Every fall and winter, I promise to quit so I can play hockey. And every game, I curse myself for giving up, because I still can’t breathe.

Will I ever really quit? I hope so, but I seem to be a spineless candy ass.