I had an interview today for a real job, about a half hour south of RIT. I haven’t been talking much about my job search (nor do I intend to) for a variety of reasons, but I feel that this one bears mentioning because it’s historic: it’s my first real one.

I’ve done plenty of interviews before, but they’ve always been for part-time jobs or co-op. This time, I don’t have the luxury of resorting to McDonald’s (well…sorta) or putting that co-op off for another quarter. This time, it’s really sink or swim. It’s especially worrying because jobs are a little thin these days. I know several people who graduated in May and had a hell of a time finding a job; others are still looking. In my financial state (broke), there’s no way I can go for more than a couple weeks without a job.

I like to hope that this will prove to be the first of many. Surely, dozens of companies will be clamoring for my incredible skills and unparalleled charm! And, let’s be honest with ourselves - most IT departments could stand to have an extra good-lookin fella around, don’t you think?