This has been the most productive Saturday I’ve had all quarter. As mentioned, I do tech support all day every week. The students in this program are given a laptop, so I’m here to support them. This generally entails short bursts of overwhelming work followed by an hour or two of nothing - since they use the laptops in class, I don’t want to take them away to work on them, so I get as much done as I can during their breaks. When I first started, I figured it was perfect because I would be able to spend a decent part of the day working on homework.

I think we all know that things never work out like that. Over five weeks, I’ve spent a grand total of about three hours on actual homework, but a couple dozen on Internet reading and flash games.

Today, though, I’ve been all sorts of productive. I finished a lab report and study guide , and got started on a project for Tech Transfer. It doesn’t seem like a lot (and it really isn’t, now that I think about it), but I’m happy that I managed to avoid distraction for a little while. I really need to get cracking on my to-do list: on top of homework, I’ve got three web projects on the side and a serious job search underway. It’ll all work out; it always does.