The first annual Brocktoberfest went off without a hitch on Saturday, and it was a roaring success by (almost) all accounts. I was really expecting Campus Safety to show up, since they’ve been cracking down lately, but we never saw them. We had someone at the door all night and marked hands, so we kept out the riff-raff and did our best to keep it all legal.

This was my last one, though. I decided last week that I would host this one with BP, and that would be it. I’ve thrown about a half-dozen great parties, and I’ve enjoyed every one, but now I’d rather just chip in my $5 for beer and let someone else do the work. I don’t think most people realize how much goes into these things - I spend more time cleaning, shopping, and cleaning again than I do at the party. It’s fun, but I’m just not sure it’s still worth the time, effort, and money I pour into it. I’ll let someone else deal with it and quit while I’m ahead.

Also, I figured that it would be a good test to see how I’m REALLY doing with the quitting. If there’s anywhere I want to smoke, it’s at a party after a couple drinks, especially if there are other smokers around. But it was never an issue - I stepped outside with the smokers a couple times, and had no desire to bum one. Hell, BP’s cigarette was bothering me in the car when we went shopping. I DID have a pinch of chew at the end of the night - yes, I know it’s disgusting, but a little bit now and then has helped me wean off the nicotine, and it doesn’t keep me from breathing. It’s been a full three weeks since I’ve touched a cigarette, and I’m kind of surprised with how well it’s been going.