Makeshift TV

This quarter’s going to be unpleasant. I really don’t want to be taking any of the classes I’m in, but I don’t have any options at this point. Networking (4002-342) might be alright, but I haven’t heard anything good about this prof. Needs Assessment and Tech Transfer will both be easy, but a pain in the neck. Hayden and Mozart is just going to be frustrating, because there’s going to be a fair bit of reading that I don’t want to do. I want to rearrange things to get a different prof for Networking and make my Tuesday and Thursday end earlier, but two of the sections I would need to switch into are full right now.

I can’t even procrastinate in front of the TV any more. We had Sharon’s for the summer, but BP and I took it back the other day. I think BP is planning to buy a new one on payday. Fonny drew us one for the interim, but we can only watch The Dukes of Hazzard.

On the upside, I’m taking racquetball. At the first class today, a number of rules were clarified; our version was pretty close to right, but with a few key differences regarding serves.

I should be OK this quarter, but I know it’s going to drain me. I’ve never been able to handle classes I don’t want to take; last winter, when I was taking Genetic Algorithms and Artifical Intelligence, was absolutely miserable. I know I’m just going to put off the stuff I don’t want to do, and this time I don’t even have a fun class that I can focus my energy on. I shouldn’t have saved all this crap for last.