I mentioned earlier today that I need a shower whiteboard, but I’m not sure I did a good job of articulating why. On any given morning, I will leave the shower with literally a dozen things on my mind that I don’t want to forget. I often stand in my room, naked and wet, frantically scribbling things on the whiteboards I DO have so that I don’t forget them. Just now, I folded a load of laundry, and had three things I had to write down when I finished.

The Hipster PDA was supposed to alleviate this need for constant brain dump, but I never really got in the habit of carrying and using it. I keep it in my bag most of the time, but after the first couple weeks, I just sort of forgot to use it.

I want to say I need a new system to keep track of my to-do list, but really, I just need to get in the habit of using existing systems. I use the To Do Items feature in iCal for class-related stuff, because I’ve always got my laptop on me and it’s easy to see when things are due. I have an account on Ta-da Lists, but I really only use that when I’m planning for a weekend out of town or things like that. Occasionally, I write down things I need to do in the Hipster PDA and transfer it to one of the other systems when it occurs to me, which isn’t often. I’ve been distracted from writing this no less than five times in the past half hour, because things constantly bubble up from my subconscious to distract me.

The PDA was a good idea. For a couple weeks, I was sleeping much better. I tend to lay in bed at night, thinking about everything I need to do in the next day or week. Knowing that I had everything written down and nothing would be forgotten really put my mind at ease. I tried keeping some paper by my bed to jot these things down when I’m trying to sleep, but in the morning I just found three index cards full of incoherent drivel.

I’m not complaining; I like having a lot going on, because it keeps me occupied (more on that later - I should make a note of that…) I just need to make a habit of writing these things down.

Also, The Angel’s Share by Ted Leo & The Pharmacists is my newest favorite song ever. Incredibly, it only accounts for 0.3% of TL&P on Last.fm

Furthermore, Jimmy Eat World haunts me.