Belt Buckle

I done got me a belt buckle! James and I went belt buckle shopping last night, but neither of us really knew where to go for them. Jym got his obnoxious “I’d rather be bowling” buckle at Pac Sun, and there was a belt buckle pagoda in the mall the last time I was there, and it was already about 8, so we figured the mall was out only option.

We wandered into the first store we came to (Zumiez) and found the belt buckle display right in the middle. I got this beauty, and James opted for the rose and revolvers. We had to go next store to Pac Sun because Zumiez didn’t have any fat guy belts for me, but it all worked out.

I tried using the bottle opener on three different beers last night, and learned an important lesson: if you’ve already cracked the cap’s seal, turning the bottle upside down at your crotch is a bad idea. By the third one, I didn’t get any more beer on my shorts, but I only managed to get the cap halfway off. I figure I just need some practice, so stop by if you need a bottle opened.