I was just talking to my youngest brother Shaun on AIM and found out that my family is getting a puppy from the SPCA. As far as I know, there were no plans to get another dog, especially since my parents are leaving for a week-long vacation on the 20th - it makes it hard to train a dog if you’re away for that long in the first month. I guess she’s going with them though, so it should work out.

It’s a German Shepherd/Siberian Husky mix, so it’s gonna get BIG. I was wondering what it would look like, so I found some pictures online (the first one looks kind of retarded). The SPCA named her Diamond, but Shaun’s trying to convince Mom to change it. His ideas? Slaughter House, Strong Bad, or Refried Beans (he’s always wanted a dog named Refried Beans, apparently).

I’ve always wanted a big dog - I still want a German Shepherd named Hans Jurgen - but I’m not sure about this. My family adopted a black lab (Lucie) a year or two ago. A guy my Dad works with had to move and couldn’t take her with them, so we got her. I never really grew attached to her, but I haven’t been home a whole lot in the past year, either. And it doesn’t help that she barks at me every time I come home.

We’ve really only had two other dogs. We got Mabel (a black lab mutt) when I was about four. Sophie was a collie/yellow lab, and I was probably 15 or 16 when we got her. Mabel passed away at the beginning of my freshman year, and Sophie died of pancreatitis in November. I was very attached to both of them, but I’d seen them grow up from puppies.

So I’m hesitantly optimistic about this new dog. I like dogs, and I especially like puppies (who doesn’t?), but I’m not home enough to get close to a family dog.

Plus, if my brother has anything to say about it, she’ll have a goofy name anyway.