I think a Porta-Potty truck just went by, because it suddenly smells gross here.

I’m sitting on Central Ave. in Lancaster, about 2 miles from my high school. An old friend mentioned that a coffee shop here has free wireless, so I figured I’d hang out there and read for part of the evening. They’re closed, but the wireless turned out to be something done by the Chamber of Commerce in different parts of the village, so I can sit at this nice table and do Internetting.

A couple weeks ago, everyone realized that the summer was almost over and we hadn’t been making it as awesome as we had said we would, so things started picking up to make up for lost time. I’ve barely had a chance to sit down and consider the deep things in life, let alone write about them here. It’s been three weeks of beer pong, board games, Mark’s runs, and other drunken tomfoolery. People are starting to come back for fall quarter, which will just make it more intense.

I’m home for the weekend to take a break from it all. My parents were on vacation all this week at Silver Lake, right between Rochester and Buffalo but further south. I drove down there yesterday afternoon to spend some time with them and to bring my brother Shaun back home for the freshman mixer at St. Mary’s (which is why I’m sitting two miles from the high school with some time to kill).

I got to meet Roxy, who is the cutest thing in the history of ever, and that includes infants and baby ducks. She’s so well-behaved it’s unbelievable. The folks at the SPCA say she was brought in by people that found her abandoned, but my mom’s theory is that the owner’s just didn’t want her and made an excuse. They didn’t have to chain her much at the lake, because she’d always stay right with them. She doesn’t bark, she was already trained to sleep in a kennel, and she’s good on the leash. I’m not convinced that she’s part Siberian Husky, though. She’s definitely got the German Shepherd look to her, but she doesn’t have long hair or any other characteristics of a Husky. The vet said she had a Great Dane’s facial features, so we don’t know how big she might get.

Life is good. Things have been exciting, and it doesn’t look like there’s an end in sight. I’ve FINALLY got a car again - almost 19 to almost 22 is about the worst three years of your life to go without a car. I’m meeting with someone tomorrow about some web coding work. The summer’s been good to me.