BP and I drove down to Binghamton on Thursday to see Flogging Molly with Sharon. Taber and his cousins met us there too, and we ran into Wanker when we got there. The venue, Magic City Music Hall, was perfect for this kind of show. It was about the same size as Water Street here in Rochester, but instead of being narrow and long, it’s really wide and short. Even back at the bar, you weren’t too far from the stage. It was easy to get up front because you could fit twice as many people right up at the barrier. They had ceiling fans all over the place, which was really nice toward the end of the show when everyone had been dancing and knocking each other around for a couple hours.

Gogol Bordello opened the show, and they were absolutely ridiculous. We were outside smoking when they went on, and I honestly expected to see clowns on stage when we went back in. It was like Hungarian gypsy circus punk. The band was all over the place, and these two girls were there to just dance around like nobody’s business. At one point they came out with cymbals and a giant bass drum and just went nuts. They were a lot of fun and I think I’m actually going to buy their album when it comes out Tuesday.

Throw Rag was the second opener. They weren’t as good as Gogol - more straight punk, which isn’t really my taste - but one of the guys just did backup vocals and the washboard. They had guitar pickups on it or something, and he spent their set just wailing on the thing with spoons. I didn’t really like the music, but that guy was fun to watch.

Flogging Molly put on a pretty good show, but not as good as the one in Rochester. Dave King (the singer) said he had been sick that week, so they did a shorter set. On the other hand, Bridget Regan was there - she was really sick when they were in Rochester, and Molly without the fiddle just isn’t the same. It was the sweatiest pit I’ve ever been in, even with the fans making a nice breeze.

We left here around 4:30 in the afternoon and didn’t get home until 12 hours later. The show was definitely worth the trip, even if I was barely functional at work Friday.