Weekends used to be for relaxing, but lately, they’ve been more taxing than the rest of the week. I have to take Monday or Tuesday evening to myself to recharge emotionally for the next round of socializing.

I began Friday with no plans, which usually means it’s going to be a busy weekend. Friday night featured mini-golf and MacGregor’s with Sarah and Ryan, and a small shindig here at Ben and Scott’s place. I was all over the place Saturday night: the Old Toad, Tristan’s birthday party, Lux for Sara’s birthday, A-Street Pub to hang out with Jess, and back here for another throwdown at Ben’s place. On Sunday, I played more mini-golf (with Shane, Gillian, Bill, and James this time) and spent more time at MacGregor’s. Last night, Bill, Gillian, and James came over to barbecue before James and I went belt buckle shopping for the coming weekend’s festivites.

Tonight, I’m staying home to read.

We’re getting to that point in the summer where weekends like this one start happening. People are getting tired of class, we’re starting to really miss the people who left for the summer, and we’re all realizing that we haven’t been making as much of the summer as we should be. It happens every year, and things pick up around this time. We were in a slump for about a month there, but the next few weeks promise to be interesting, and folks will be coming back in no time.