I’m trying to make to-do lists to sort out everything I need to do for the weekend. I’ll be heading home tomorrow evening after work so I can get up first thing Friday morning and take the motorcycle road test. There’s an Apple store in the mall near home, so I’m going to stop in there and see if I can’t get my iBook fixed - there are a couple small cracks in the edge around the screen. It looks like something inside the case is pushing out, causing just enough stress to gradually split the plastic casing. It’s really a cosmetic thing, since they’re hairline cracks, but I found a second one on the opposite side of the screen tonight so I want to have it fixed before my AppleCare runs out (note to self: renew that).

I figure I’ll be back in Rochester in the early afternoon, giving me time to pack some stuff up before leaving for the Adirondacks with Rhubarb and (I think) Shane. The rest of the weekend will be spent there relaxing and trying not to think about that chem lab reports that are due on Monday.

At some point tomorrow, I want to review the Motorcycle Manual just to make sure I know everything I’m supposed to. The only thing I’m really concerned about is lane position through turns - I always ride with other people, and we mostly maintain our position in the lane. I practiced doing loops and figure-8’s when I was home last weekend, so those shouldn’t be a problem, but I know I’ll never live it down if I fail for something stupid.

It should be a decent weekend if I can just make sure I do everything that needs doing.