I’m feeling fancy free, and it’s not just because I’m not wearing pants.

Our chem lab reports were due tonight at midnight. I’d only managed to finish a couple of them before today - I was going to do them last night, but Casey and Dan were heading back to NC this morning so I felt my time would be better spent hanging out with them. I managed to spend a little time on them this afternoon at work while I was waiting for other things to happen, and “finished” a couple hours ago.

These reports really were the half-assed-est work I’ve EVER done in my academic career. It’s a one credit lab that I need to graduate, so I just want to pass. If I get a D, it’s effect on my GPA would be comparable to a sea gull’s effect on the trajectory of a speeding Buick.

By which I mean it will send it careening blindly into an overpass.

It doesn’t seem like much, but it’s nice not to have it hanging over my head anymore. I have one more test due for the lecture - something like 40 multiple choice questions - but I’ve got another week to do it, so I didn’t feel bad about sitting around and being a bum tonight. I feel guilty watching TV or reading a book when I know I should be doing homework (not that it stops me), so I think I’m going to spend the evening catching up on the reading I didn’t do last week.