I miss the good old days.

I miss having a car. I miss keeping half of my worldy posessions in it, so that anything I ever needed was as close as the parking lot. I miss the conversations that took place there - what’s said in the car, stays in the car.

I miss living in the dorms. I miss hanging out with friends until 3 in the morning, and staying up until 5 because my first class wasn’t until 2. I miss the last cigarrette of the day and being deafened by a silence that can only be found standing between buildings that hold hundreds upon hundreds of sleeping people.

I miss the seemingly endless supply of time and the opportunites it held. I miss thinking that this would go on forever, and that I could just sit back and let it happen.

I especially miss the friends that have moved away - geographically or otherwise - over the past few years, and knowing that some of them will never come back.