Last weekend when I was home, my mom mentioned that my youngest brother Shaun (age 15) wanted to go to the Warped Tour show at Darien Lake earlier this week. I haven’t talked to him since, so I’m still not sure if he went, but that’s not the point.

Ben is good friends with Allison, and since I’ve been seeing a lot of Ben lately, I’ve spent some time with Allison. She mentioned the show a couple days ago, so I jokingly asked if she saw my brother there.

“The one with the ‘I’m not wearing underwear’ shirt?”

Apparently she met my other brother Eric at the Dropkick show back in January. He was wearing that shirt, and figured he had to live up to its promise. At some point, he met Allison and her then-girlfriend. One of them asked, “You’re not wearing any underwear, huh?”

“Nope! Wanna see?!”

They saw anyway.

I ask an innocent question about Shaun and hear a story about Eric flashing two lesbians.