As mentioned earlier, I stopped into the Apple Store this weekend to see if they’d replace the screen on my iBook. The border around the screen had a couple small cracks in it that appeared to be a result of stress from some components inside pushing their way out.

I explained the situation to one of the Geniuses at the store and how I felt it should be covered as a manufacturing defect since it was bulging out when I got it. He agreed to send it in but warned me that nine times out of ten, this kind of thing would be considered a cosmetic issue and come back the same way it went out.

Yesterday I got an e-mail with a case number so I could track its progress on Apple’s support site. It lists “Begin Repair” and “Begin Testing” at different times yesterday, so I’m hoping that means they fixed it. On the other hand, they might put that because there’s no “Tough crap, deal with it” option for the status line.

Either way, it was shipped out yesterday sometime, so I’ll probably have it back tomorrow. It’ll be nice to have music and a calendar again.

Speaking of the calendar, I stumbled on a list of devices compatible with iSync (I say “stumbled” because I didn’t know I should be looking for it). Our family cell phone plan runs out in October, so I’m going to need to get a new phone then. I’ve never used the calendar feature in my current phone (mostly because it’s a pain in the ass to put anything in it), but if I could just sync it with iCal and have my schedule handy all the time, I’d be happy.