It was Julia’s idea, but she proposed it here, so I’d like to start the first annual Very Very Special Summer Reading Club.

I guess we pick some books to read or something, right? Any ideas? I’m finding that the less I have to think, the better a book is suited for summer reading. I’m on the last book (Mostly Harmless) of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series - a perfect example of summer reading. I’m halfway through What’s the Matter With Kansas? which has been nothing short of disappointing.

I intend to spend the rest of the summer with lighter reading, like Never Threaten to Eat Your Co-workers and Ruminations on College Life. I’m also borrowing Natalie’s copy of Stranger than Fiction, but I’m not sure she knows it (she lent it to Jym, who passed it to me when he finished). That one will be next, once I finish the two I’ve started, so I can return it the next time she’s in town.

I’ve still got four or five I got from Amazon’s Bargain Books about a year and a half ago that I never got around to, and another half dozen from Christmas - after grandpa passed away, grandma asked everyone to go through his book collection and help ourselves, since she didn’t intend to read any of them and wanted them to be used. There’s another handful that I’ve acquired over the past couple years, one way or another - once in a while the library takes books out of the catalog and leaves them on a shelf in the basement, so I’ve picked up 10 or 15 there.

There’s no shortage of books, I just haven’t decided which ones to start with. What are you reading this summer?