It’s 1:40 and I’m lying in bed with my eyes open.

Maybe it was the two or three glasses of Coke I’d had a couple hours prior - that whiskey doesn’t counteract it as much as you’d think. Maybe it was the insomnia I’ve been fighting for the past week or so.

Either way, I wasn’t about to fall asleep. It had been one of those nostalgic evenings. I did some problems for chemistry, but I couldn’t focus on it for long. A walk around this side of campus - up to GCCIS and around through UC - had made quick work of what little chew I had left.

I needed a smoke.

I nearly quit last month when I was really sick. The chew was meant to tide me over and wean me off the nicotine habit I’d spent five years building, and it did it’s job until I was well enough to breathe again.

BP was asleep and his car was locked, so I couldn’t bum one from him. Every bike in the building was locked up, so I couldn’t borrow one. Jym had been made responsible for Goffin’s bike and left his keys on the coffee table, but it turned out to be a combination lock. I strapped on my roller blades and headed out for Hess - about a half-hour walk, based on previous experience.

My back is feeling a lot better than it usually does after skating. One fresh Camel Light. One quick shower to rinse away the sweat.

Now I’m ready to sleep.