My TV viewing habits are not your garden variety ER addiction. I almost never watch shows on TV, because I can find the good ones online the day after they’re on.

Plus, I never remember when shows are on.

This affords me a fair bit of flexibility. I can, for example, watch an episode of Arrested Development during my lunch break, or watch seven consecutive episodes of Family Guy if I’m putting off a final project. I go on streaks where I’ll watch all existing episodes of a particular series - my second year, it was That 70’s Show, last year was Friends, and this year was The Simpsons. Somewhere in there, I’ve seen Arrested Development and Scrubs all the way through twice each.

BP has been making a run through Scrubs again, so I’ve been watching some of them with him. Somehow, we wound up a season apart, so I started over from the beginning. I guess this is my series for the summer.