Hotel Honda Prelude Lyrics

I finally got around to cleaning up the hockey gear that had been occupying half of the floor space in my room. Next to it was the pile of crap that used to live in the Rubbermaid tote before I dumped it all out so we could use it as a cooler for the party.

While sorting through the crap (and by “sorting through” I mean “piling into a different box”), I came across the pink notebook that FN, Schmitty, and I used (on the way to No Way Dave’s in New Jersey) to compose the lyrics to Hotel Honda Prelude, a rendition of Hotel California that tells the tale of our drive to Arcadia the week before.

I can’t remember how I wound up with it, but I hung on to it so I could return it to FN. It pops up every six months or so and sends me sifting through old LJ archives looking for the two posts I linked to (this time I thought to add them to my memories to save me some time in December).

I miss the Grillbillies a lot. This is the second summer I’ve said I would make it to a bunch of festivals, and I already know that it’s not going to happen this year either. I’m going home this weekend, throwing the Champagne Party the weekend after that, going home again the weekend after that. Two weeks later - the weekend of OATS - I’ll be doing chemistry labs for three days to complement the chem class I’m taking via distance learning. I need to find a job teaching so I can take summers off again.

College would be so much better with more money and more free time.