I’m in Buffalo for the weekend to visit the family and get some time on the bike so I’m ready for the road test. This weekend, I’ve noticed the difference between RIT and the area I live in just by watching traffic. You notice a marked decrease in BMW’s and a lot more pickup trucks. The weather’s been nice, so there have been a lot of bikers out - of the 40 or 50 bikes I’ve seen in the past two days, only four of them were crotch rockets.

During one of these trips home, I want to scan more family photos. I posted a bunch of them a little while ago, but there are a lot more. I grabbed six or seven rolls worth when I was home a few months ago. They’re the ones I took in middle and high school, but I keep forgetting to look through them and stop into the library to scan the good ones. Maybe I’ll do that this week. I scanned about 20 more from two rolls my Mom took recently, so I’ll post those when I’m back at RIT.

I haven’t been to The Little since December, so I’m hoping to go tomorrow and catch a movie or two. My membership ends this month, so I’ve only got a few more Sundays to go for free.