I know it’s a little late, but Lynyrd Skynyrd played here at RIT on Tuesday. I found out right before the show that Jeff Cosco Band was the opener. Boss told me, “If you like 80’s rock, you’ll like these guys.” I couldn’t have put it better - they had this mid-80’s southern rock sound to them, and they weren’t bad.

Skynyrd was pretty awesome. I’ve never been a big fan and I was absolutely exhausted Tuesday night, but I figured I had to go, just on principle. They played a bunch of songs I didn’t recognize, and a few that I did but mistook for others (I swear, three of their songs are the exact same until the chorus).

Watching them play was better than listening to the music. I can’t believe these guys are still doing what they’re doing at their age. I think they saved Freebird for the encore because they knew they would need to take a breather before it. The guitarist Bill Nighy with gray hair halfway down his back, but he was going ape shit. Freebird lasted about fifteen minutes. Those guys are way too old to be doing this stuff still.

Also: men reach an age where skin-tight jeans with skin-tight leather chaps are no longer a viable clothing option. Skynyrd has long since passed that age.