Champagne Party Episode III: Revenge of the Swank

Saturday night, we hosted Champagne Party Episode III: Revenge of the Swank, and it went off better than I could have hoped. We were expecting somewhere around 50 people - it wasn’t as crowded as I thought it would be, but I’d say at least 40 people were here throughout the course of the evening. It was hard to gage because there was almost always a group of people outside smoking, getting fresh air, or peeing on BP’s Jeep.

We went through 36 bottles of the finest $4 champagne to be found, 90 cans of Miller High Life, and some liquor. Sharon and I decided WAY too early in the evening to play Edward Champagne Hands (a variation of Edward Forty Hands), although she only did one hand. I drank way more than I should have (three bottles of champagne and at least 5 beers, by my count), but that only made things more interesting. Jym tried to get me to fight him, leading to a bloody knee and smashed-up elbow (for the record, I had him on the ground and could have smashed his face in, but I’m not an asshole). My brother came out for it, and I got some good shots of the roommates.

It was an outstanding evening. Kudos to BP for getting shit together and financing the operation.