I listened to Depeche Mode a lot last summer. I can remember getting to work early and sitting outside the Library, having a cigarette and listening to Shine, Personal Jesus, and Enjoy the Silence on my iPod while I waited for the supervisor to unlock the doors.

I only listened to them because of Mute. Sometime toward the end of my third year, I wandered into the lounge late at night to find him playing a Depeche Mode DVD from one of their concerts. Two or three other insomniacs had joined him, so I sat down for a couple songs. I can only imagine how incredible that show would have been live, because you could feel the intensity of the band even through video. I went back to my room and downloaded a couple albums. I had only heard Dream On, so I was pleasantly surprised by the songs I found. They spent the next several months in constant rotation.

That September, Mute passed away due to an enlarged heart, the kind of thing you don’t find unless you’re looking for it. I can’t listen to Depeche Mode without thinking about him.

Thanks to shuffle, I heard one of their songs (Policy of Truth) tonight for the first time in over nine months.