Since Wendy is moving back to California soon, she wanted to throw one last bash before taking off. So last night was the Disco party, and it was totally awesome. It wasn’t too big, which worked out perfectly - in a bigger party, you’re going to have small groups of people that are just kind of hanging out or don’t stay long. Everyone there was having a blast, dancing and singing and just unwinding from quarter-end stress. We played beer pong, I sat by the pond and had good conversations with good people, took lots of pictures, and we all got drunk and ended the evening in the traditional manner - shouting along to Cake and Ace of Base.

Around 4:30, the seven or eight of us that were still around were in no shape to drive, so we crashed around the house. Half an hour later, I was laying on the carpet in my boxers, using my jeans as a pillow (this is unbelievably uncomfortable), watching the end of Toy Story 2, when I got up to get a drink and noticed that it was getting bright outside. I stole BP’s last cigarette (sorry buddy), pulled on my jeans, and went outside to enjoy the birds singing. It was absolutely beautiful out and I wasn’t really tired, so I decided I should walk back to campus. At the time, I thought it was 3 or 4 miles - I found out this afternoon that it’s closer to 6.5.

I left the house at about 5:30. When I got to the gas station at East River and Erie Station - which is RIGHT by their house - half an hour later, I started to wonder if this was going to be a bigger endeavor than expected. I’ve always been riding in someone else’s car when I go to their place, so I didn’t have a very good sense of how far away it was. Nonetheless, I grabbed some water and Power Bars for the walk, and kept going.

I was having a grand old time enjoying the beautiful morning and snapping a few pictures, when I started coming up on Racquet Club (RIT’s off-campus apartment complex). I really had to pee, so I was keeping an eye out for a decent place to go into the woods. Off to the right was a clearing in the brush with a bunch of tire ruts in it - I assume the trucks from the gas company park in there when they’re working nearby or something. There was plenty of brush around it, so I went about 20 yards back in there, made sure I couldn’t be seen from either direction on the road, and took care of business. As I was coming back out, I saw a Sheriff car pulling a U-turn maybe 10 yards away.

I stopped walking and kind of stuck my hand in my back pocket like I do when I’m just standing around. They stopped the car and both got out, and told me to show my hands. When they asked what I had been doing back there, I’m like “I’ll be honest with you - I really needed a piss.” They asked where I was coming from, why I was walking, if I had any weapons on me. After frisking me, they had me sit in the car (which, by the way, was tiny as hell - I hope they don’t have to arrest many fat guys). As I’m sitting there waiting for them to call in my license, two more Sheriff cars pull up and two more guys get out of each. I was starting to worry that I’d picked the wrong place to piss, but the first two guys there were really cool and didn’t make it sound like a big deal, so I didn’t worry too much about it - if anything, I found the whole thing pretty amusing. They wandered into the clearing and looked around, presumably to see if I’d dumped a stolen purse or sack of heroin or something. I was toying with the idea of text messaging people to tell them I was in a cop car (for the sake of recording the incident) but decided I shouldn’t push my luck.

I was only in there for maybe five minutes when they came back and said they were going to give me a ride home. They wanted to talk to one of my roommate’s to make sure someone would be here and I’d be OK - they’re like “We know you’ve been drinking and you seem to be fine, but we’d like to make sure.” I was so nervous and trying to act normal that I probably came off as pretty cracked-out. So they gave me a lift home (which was nice because those shoes are terrible for walking) and we had a nice chat. I felt terrible because I had to wake Fonny up at 7 in the morning - “I need you to come talk to the police real quick.” That’ll throw him off first thing in the morning.

I got about three hours of sleep before Lucas called to tell me he was on his way here because wxs was in town and it was lunchtime. There were probably fifteen of us at Pellegrino’s, which was awesome because I hadn’t been there in months. It was good to see my Wesley again, even though I was exhausted. After a half-hour nap, I went shopping with Fonny, JymBob and Rich, then a few of us spent the evening hanging out here watching man shows on Spike TV.

So I’ve been running on precious little sleep all day, but it’s been a great weekend so far. Tomorrow I’ll be helping friends move in the morning. I don’t have anything else planned for the day, so I think I’ll pencil in a couple naps.

I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend to finish the quarter.

Also, that bump in my mouth WAS in fact a wisdom tooth coming in, and it seems to be coming in straight (but it hurts like a bitch). Because I know you were worried.