Triassic Triops

Earlier tonight, Fonny graciously gave me a ride to WalMart so I could buy a nice potted flower for my mommy for Mother’s Day. He hadn’t been there since they re-opened as a Giant Super Mega Monument To American Consumerism WalMart, so he wanted to wander around a bit and see the place (they added a supermarket, and I swear, it’s like they just built a Wegman’s onto the side of the place - it’s fucking ginormous). Anyway, we got some stuff for the apartment, like a door mat and some drapes for our bedroom windows, before looking for flowers.

As we were headed for the garden center, we passed through a pet department I didn’t know they had, and found the Betas. As you may recall, we have a giant empty bottle that we want to put fish in. I picked out a beautiful blue Beta and had started grabbing basic fish stuff, like a net and food, when Fonny found these Triops. We both thought that they were Sea Monkeys (aka brine shrimp), but it turns out that they grow much bigger, and the box even recommends FEEDING THEM BRINE SHRIMP to supplement their diet. We may buy some Sea Monkeys just for feeding purposes.

If all goes well with our Triops, we can get a Beta. According to Sharon, they’re damn near impossible to kill unless you totally neglect them, so we should be able to handle it.

In entirely unrelated news, my brother IMed me to let me know that he WOULDN’T be coming to get me at 8 or 9 tomorrow morning, like I expected. He’ll be here around 11, and we’ll be meeting my parents at Letchworth Park around noon to hike around or some such. This is good for a few reasons:

  1. I can sleep in some more.
  2. I don't have to spend the whole day with my family, because they can drop me off here on their way home.

Really, I love my family, but only in small doses. I figured on coming back to Rochester tomorrow night sometime or maybe early Monday (since I don’t work till noon), but that’s a long time to spend JUST with the family. I love them dearly, but I still can’t handle them in great doses. The youngest brother eventually gets on my nerves, dad and I get into some giant political argument, and my mom starts harping on me about something. We’re great for a few hours, but after that, the human desire for conflict takes over.

In (other) entirely unrelated news, I LOVE whiskey and Coke. I’m particularly fond of Jack and Coke, but Evan Williams and Coke will suffice. Jym swears by the Evan, because it’s aged 7 years instead of 4 and it’s smoother. I only drink whiskey in coke, so smoothness isn’t as important, but it IS smoother. Not that this is necessarily a good thing - I miss the bite of JD. It IS significantly cheaper though, and still a good whiskey, so I’ll probably keep buying it.