Last night started off really well, with the BBQ and all. It ended on a crappy note, when I knocked a bunch of water onto my laptop (I pulled it all apart this morning to let it dry out - I’ll probably try turning it on tomorrow).

The only thing I ate at the BBQ last night was a piece of chicken. I thought the middle looked a little undercooked, but it tasted fine so I figured it would be OK.

Lemme tell ya kids, it won’t be OK.

I have never been so violently ill before in my life. I felt like dying till sometime around noon, when I managed to pass out and sleep through it. I got up a little after 3, feeling a lot better, and figured I could make it into work at 4 and still do a half day. I was only in the shower for a minute when I decided that being upright wasn’t going to work out well for me, so I just called it a day. I’ve felt a little off all day, but I think I’m OK now. My head feels funny, but that’s from the cold.

So that sucks. But I figure, it’s the sickest I’ve ever been, and it really wasn’t that bad. Drinking too much freshman year really trains you to handle an upset stomach, and if I made it through this I should be able to handle anything. I’m kind of pissed that I had to miss work, but one day out of three months isn’t so bad.

Let’s hope tomorrow turns out better. I’m going to bed way early tonight.