Site Name: Orchard Park
Vehicle Test Type: Motorcycle
Test Date: 7/8/2005
Test Time: 09:00AM

Thanks to everyone who FORGOT TO REMIND ME to schedule my road test. I finally thought to put an alarm in my phone to remind me during the day, since I always thought of it late at night, or while I was at lunch, or on the crapper.

I’m more afraid of failing this test than any other test I’ve ever taken. I feel comfortable on a bike and I’m confident I can pass it, but I’m worried that I won’t because I always feel like I have far less experience than everyone else on the road. Granted, everyone I ride with has been doing it a hell of a lot longer than I have, so the concern is sort of justified.

While failing would suck for all the obvious reasons, it would be embarrassing to be the only one in my family to fail a road test, especially on a bike. My dad and brother ride, along with a few of our cousins and some of our friends. They’d all find out soon enough and give me no end of shit if I managed to screw it up.

More importantly though, I need to find someone with a bike license that can go with me at 9 on a Friday morning. I might be able to convince my brother Eric to take the morning off or something.