Hey, a waterfall

Letchworth Park isn’t where I thought it was. Since people from RIT go there for picnics and the like, I sort of assumed it was up by Lake Ontario or something. Turns out it’s somewhere between here and home, because it only took my parents about 45 minutes to get there, and a little less for us. It was a perfect day for it, but I’m good and sunburned now. Mom and Dad were surprised (and happy) to see me, so that’s good.

There’s a train trestle that goes across the river there, probably about 300 feet up (not that I’m good at judging distances, but I think that’s a decent guess). Apparently you’re not supposed to go on it, but I didn’t see the sign so I’m claiming ignorance. I got some serious vertigo looking over the side and between the railroad ties (I know that word isn’t “ties,” but I can’t figure out what it is). We heard a train whistle while we were on it, but didn’t actually think it was on the same track. It was moving pretty slow though, so we didn’t have much to worry about. I was sure Eric would try hopping on, but I think Tas (his girlfriend) managed to talk him out of it.

So that was fun. It was a good day, but the slight cold I’d been fighting off caught wind of my springtime allergies and kicked my ass. Toss in some sunburn, and I’m feeling right shitty. I think I’ll be in bed by 1.

Getting up at 10:30 four days a week is totally awesome.