This mild cold I’ve been fighting for a while now hadn’t really worried me until I realized that it’s going on three weeks now.

The fact that my eye was watery and irritated some yesterday didn’t worry me, because I figured my contact was just acting up.

Neither of these would be cause for alarm, if I hadn’t heard a couple days ago that Natalie had pink eye, and read last night that Lucas has pink eye AND bronchitis.

By the time I went to bed last night, my eye just plain hurt, so I figured it was about time to go into the Student Health Center.

So, surprise surprise, I have pink eye. When I explained that the cold had made it painful to smoke and that I haven’t had a cigarette in over a week, the nurse practitioner become quite excited about the cough. Apparently, nicotine effectively neutralizes cilia in our lungs and windpipe, making a good hard cough the only defense a smoker’s lungs have. Now that I’ve stopped smoking for a while, they’re working to clear out all the shit I’ve put in them, so it’s not unusual for my lungs to feel broken. She listened to my breathing and said it seemed to be OK, unless it keeps going on for more than a week.

On the upside, I’m not smoking and I’ve got antibiotic eye drops. I missed a day of work for it, but I slept almost all day and felt a lot better when I got up. I’m hoping things are going better tomorrow morning, or I may have to bail on the Toronto trip. As it is, I can’t wear contacts so I can barely see, my eyes are constantly tearing up, and I keep coughing up nastiness.