We saw this on 15

I felt that these guys deserved a special note. A bunch of us were helping Ryan and Cheston move into the new apartment this morning, and then we all went to Mark’s for lunch. On the way there, I was sitting in the front seat of Ryan’s car when we came up behind these guys on 15. Apparently these two don’t know anyone with a truck (or rope, for that matter) and were driving along hanging onto the mattress on the roof. The guy driving had one hand on the mattress, one hand on the wheel, and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. The girl was sitting sideways so she could hang on with both hands. We pulled up alongside them and they seemed to be having a good time so I wished them good luck. I thought it would be rude to pull up next to someone and take their picture quick, but they seemed like the type that would find the humor in the situation so I wish I did. You can get a better look in the next two shots.