Fotios mid-shot

Today was an important day in the wide world of sports, with the continued development of a game I invented yesterday in a fit of laziness after helping Fonny hang his dart board. Couch Darts is exactly what it sounds like - sit on the couch and throw darts. Bonus points are awarded for each beer consumed before the game and double bonus points for those consumed during the game. All darts must be thrown from one of the two couches in the living room, and normal scoring is applied. Style points may be awarded for stray darts that stick in particularly interesting places, like the fridge or neighbors’ front door. Injuries are not only a possibility - they should be anticipated and accepted as a risk of the game. Playing through a dart wound is worth 50 style points. Spackle or toothpaste should be readily available for minor repairs to the wall behind the dart board.

Christ, I’m going to miss college.