Totally Awesome: being drunk.

Not So Totally Awesome: being drunk near a full glass of water next to an iBook.

I just wanted to hear Counting Crow’s Up All Night - music is all on the laptop, you see. I must have been reaching for something (I’m not even sure) when I knocked a large glass of water over right onto the iBook keyboard.

I powered it down within two seconds, ran it into the living room, pulled out the battery and wiped it off with paper towel really quick. I think it’ll be OK if I just leave it alone for a day or two to dry out. My whole desk was soaked, though - index cards, receipts, my cell phone, everything. I screamed “FUCK!” and all I heard was Fonny’s muffled laugh from the next room.

At any rate, it turned out to be a kickin BBQ. A lot of people came and we had a grand old time. Joanna and Aimann came on the bike; I didn’t get a close look at it, but it must be big because I looked at them when they pulled up and though Joanna was a 12 year old kid, because she looked so tiny on the thing. Helena and Lindsay were here, Mark stopped by, a few people from floor came, a bunch of CSH alumni were here. The night ended with me, Fonny, BP, and Jym hanging out, the the 141 Perkins crew stopped by for a bit.

I hope summer is like this, but with less spilling.