I like to think that this week has been a preview of coming attractions (so to speak). We’ve grilled dinner three of the past four days, the weather has been beautiful for a week and a half, and I’ve just been enjoying life. Things are really good right now.

This summer, Fonny, BP, and I will all be on co-op, while poor Jym Bob takes classes. I’m expecting to be on the same 12-8 schedule, but The Boss mentioned that he might have me do 9-5 so he can work my shift and sleep in. As much as I hate the idea of working at 9 on summer mornings, BP and Fonny will be on that schedule so it wouldn’t be too bad. A lot of people are going to be around, so I expect it to be as much fun as last year. BP and I are trying to make Sharon fail a class so she can’t graduate and has to stay for the summer. We’re good friends like that.

I’ve got to try quitting again. I’ve been smoking more and more lately, and it’s showing - I’m coughing a lot. It’s not dry, wheezy coughing, and I’ve been breathing better than ever before, which leads me to believe my lungs are clearing things out, which leads me to believe that now would be a good time to quit. I blame BP - I can’t quit with him around.