I’ve been meaning to look for a summer co-op for weeks now. My boss at the College of Business offered me the same job for the summer, but I’d like to try to find a web dev gig in Buffalo. Living at home would save me some money and I could get some experience on a bike, and maybe even take the road test. I like the job I’m doing now, but I want to get into web programming after school so I’d rather find a job doing that if I can.

I talked to the boss today, and he wants to know what I’m doing for the summer by the end of this week. Unfortunately, I’m not going to know anything about any other co-ops by that time, so I need to figure out where I’m at. I’ve found a couple potential co-ops in Buffalo, but nothing really in web development. One is an online game programmer; the other is an IT intern and sounds like it would involve a lot of what I’m doing now. I know some people I can get in touch with and see if I can get any leads, but it’s unlikely that I’ll have any idea if I’ve got a chance by Friday.

So, I can keep my current job, or take a gamble and tell Boss thanks but no thanks. If I don’t find a co-op in Buffalo, I’ll take classes. I’m thinking of meeting with an advisor to see what I have left and find out if I could take any of them at ECC to save some money. In that case, I could still live at home, get time on the bike, and get some classes out of the way. If I stay at RIT and take classes, I need to figure out if I can take some business classes that would help out if I decide to do the Fast Track MBA next year (oh, by the way, I might go for an MBA).

If I had started looking for co-ops earlier like I said I was going to, I would probably be in better shape. My bad.