I’m starting to think that my recent fatigue may not be the cause of too much sleep after all. I’ve been having some crazy-ass dreams lately. I won’t bore you with the details (because really, no one wants to hear about other peoples’ dreams unless they’re a psychiatrist, and that’s only because they’re being paid). Last night’s episode featured a full cast, including Nim, Heewa (we joined a frat together), Govind (he wanted to join the frat), BP, Heise (he got deported), Schmitty (didn’t get deported, but I thought he did), Rhubarb, Dan Lee, some guy from my high school that might be named Tom (I can’t remember), Miss Baer (an English teacher from high school), and a girl that I barely recognized, but she knew me. I wish I could remember more about her, because I’m curious if it really was someone from my past that I just couldn’t place when I saw here in my dream. I’m also wondering if she called me Randy or Brock - what does my subconscious think of me as?

I wake up tired every day because I’ve spent the night running around campus and joining frats. Based on years of exhaustive study, I know that my dreaming patterns are inversely proportional the amount I’ve been drinking lately: if it’s been a dry month, I’ll dream a lot. A month into fall, after everyone has come back and thrown parties, my subconscious has given up. Obviously, this provides a simple solution, but I’m not sure I want to cure dreams by killing off brain cells.

On the other hand, it did work for anxiety.