My desk shortly after moving into UC

I used to upload all my photos to a gallery on my CSH site, then zip them up and put them in an archive folder on my machine. Since Gallery ran as nobody and everyone used it, the quota for nobody filled up and we couldn’t upload any more pictures (from what I’ve heard, it’s since been fixed). Around the same time, I broke my install and just gave up on it. This left me half of my photos in zip files and the rest half-organized on my drive. I began using Picasa a couple months ago, but it’s not capable of extracting images from zip files, so they were all useless to me that way.

Tonight, I began the process of unzipping and filing away all my old pictures so I could view them with Picasa and maybe upload some to Flickr. I found a few from the apartment that I thought warranted sharing. The one above is my desk right after I moved in - I added some notes, go take a look at the page. I also came across the old Kill List, so I figured I should post the current one for comparison’s sake.